About Us


While the current trends around the world are based on the internet, mobile and its applications, we try to make the most out of it. As for us, we are a well established crew based in Bangalore, constantly coping up with the extensive advancement and adapting to new Technology. Since the start of the company in 2010, our niches are Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Staffing Services and Training Programs (includes Corporate Training).

Vision & Mission


Our Mission is to help our Clients achieve their results sustaining the values and integrity on both sides. We are obliged to provide optimal service with better quality and perception to our existing clients and look forward to amplify our clienteles in the future with the same. We intend to shape our company solely based on employees’ performance, success, teamwork, recognition and mutual respect.

Our Vision is to be a prolific IT service provider in the industry, aiming to create lasting relations with our Client by providing suitable solution. Fortunately, Codefrux Technologies managed to bring together a team of skillful and enthusiastic professionals loaded with passion and talent to make things better.

Why Codefrux?


Confidentiality – The work we do for our clients will not be shared or discussed with any other clients. We respect their privacy and will help it remain the same.

Quality of Work – The work we do for our clients is excellent in terms of quality. Provided, they are scalable, secure, reliable, optimized and remarkable in performance.

Technical Expertise – We carry out solutions with conventional knowledge in the technical aspects. This helps us cater our clients’ needs with superior results.

Service & Support – In a world run by internet, we are just a click away. As for us, client satisfaction is a number one priority. We always concentrate on providing enhanced world-class solutions to our clients.