Become an AngularJS Expert with 100% Placement Assistance

  • 48 hrs of Classroom Sessions
  • 40 hrs of Practical assignments
  • 25 hrs of Live Project
  • Availability of highly Skilled Trainers
  • Industry Oriented Course curriculum
  • Free Wifi & Latest Study Material
  • Well equipped A/C rooms
  • Limited Batch Strength (Maximum 8)
  • Focus on hands on/practicals
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Resume Preparation Support
  • Mock Interviews & Backup Classes
  • Doubt Clarification Support after the course
  • Regular Batch ( Morning, Day & Evening)
  • Weekend Training Batch ( Saturday & Sunday)
  • Fast Track batch

Questions ?



  1. What is Angular JS?

    AngularJS is a JavaScript framework (library) based on a very popular software architecture called the MVC or Model-View-Control. Developed by Google engineers in the year 2009, the framework slowly gained popularity and today it is one of most widely used JavaScript frameworks. You can measure its success by the fact that not only large, but it is also adopted and applied in medium and small web applications around the world.

  2. Why Angular JS?

    Angularjs is really loved by developers. Below are some reasons. MVV Structure :Most of the developers are already familiar with the concept design. Data binding :Two way data binding is really easy. This is an important feature if working on displaying real time data. E.g. stock trades, consumption graphs etc. Directives :Angularjs received a great applaud for its directives. Developers were bored with the same old HTML tags. Angularjs Directives lets you create your very own custom tag/attribute and customize the way it works. This opened a plethora of possibilities that developers were eagerly waiting for. Routing and Injection :This is fairly good and easy to learn. As a MVC JS framework would require. Testing :Because Angularjs changes the way complete JS life cycle. It required a different approach for testing as well. To feed this hunger Googlers (Mr. Vojota) came up with Testacular (now Karma.js) a testing framework for Angularjs. But, it also supports good old Jasmine Framework as well. Besides it has E2E (End to End) testing features as well. Apart from the above reasons its maintained by Google, so you can always trust.

  3. Top Reasons to enroll for AngularJS Training!

    There is a huge demand of skilled professionals in India. AngularJS has been warmly accepted by the industry and big companies like TechM, Accenture, Capgemini, CTS etc are hiring people having same kind of skill set. Because of shortage of skilled professional there is a huge demand in the market and professionals are getting paid more than industry standard. So, You can make your career in AngularJS and there is a huge opportunity for the same.

What We Offer

48 Hrs Of Classroom Sessions

We deliver 48 Hours of classes highly interactive session. If you miss out a class, you can compensate by attending the session in a future batch.

40 Hrs Of Practical Assignments

Each module ends with a quiz and an assignment to test your practical knowledge and technical skills. Angularjs practicles will teach you step-by-step techiques to build structured and maintainable real-world applications with Angular. You will learn best practices in MV* programming and web development techniques based on object oriented programming and design patterns.we bring in all practicles to write program with the platform and tools you need for developing large and complex enterprise wide web based application in JavaScript Platform. . The assignments are aimed at giving you a clear cut idea of the concepts.

25 Hours Project Assignment

At the end of the course, you will be given a final project to polish the technology skills you have acquired with us. The course includes real-life, industry-based projects. Successful evaluation of project is a part of the AngularJS training.

In-depth and All-inclusive Curriculum

Team of professional who have good experience in AngularJS has checked our course curriculum in detail and approved it. We ensure to update and shape it every time to give the most in-depth course curriculum to our candidates.

Career Mentorship

Highlighting your skills in the right way can win you the right place. Our faculty will give proper guidance to you in creating a professional resume spotlighting your technical skills. They will also steer you through mock interviews and a winning career plan.

AngularJS Course Objective

    The key objectives of AngularJS training program are to enable developers to:
  1. Understand the design of single-page applications and how Angular facilitates their development
    Understand the Angular architecture
    Work with TypeScript
    Develop components, use directives, and work with data binding
    Work with Service and Dependency Injection
    Create and validate model driven forms
    Work with the Model-View-Controller (MVC)
    Use HTTP with Observables, routing, and pipes
    Use custom pipes and directives
    Perform unit testing
    Use Angular CLI
    Develop attractive UI using Bootstrap
    How to set up a project from scratch

Know About your Trainer

  1. Worked extensively with skills like HTML5, CSS3, Angularjs, Bootstrap, Jquery, Node.js/D3. Solid experience with Javascript coding JS framework experience - react/backbone/angularjs HTML/CSS/Photoshop expertise Has worked on multiple realtime Angular JS projects Working in a top MNC company in Bangalore Trained 100+ Students so far Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge

our training process

Projects Developed by Our Students



    The web applications are becoming more recognized and extensive with Single Page Applications, especially the ones with MVC architecture using AngularJS. The AngularJS has become instrumental in creating featured applications. The AngularJS has become a prominent choice for the developers universally, which is quick to respond to updates and other interfaces and helps in building a comprehensive web application.


    Anyone who has a prior knowledge of HTML, CSS &JavaScript can develop an application using AngularJS. Even if you do not have any idea about JavaScript programming before, we will give you the introduction classes that will help you for the development.


    The AngularJS training is not just to make our candidates work on a project, but also make them understand the premise based on the clients’ expectations and on the industry’s perspective. It helps a candidate to perform better in an organizational level.

  4. What kind of Lab and Project exposure do I get?

    This course provides you with 48 hrs of Classroom Sessions,40 hrs of Practical assignments and 25 hrs of Live Project.
    You can run the lab exercises locally on your machine (installation docs will be provided).

  5. Who will be my faculty?

    At Codefrux we realize that there are very few people who are truly "AngularJS". So we take a lot of care to find only the best. Your faculty will be deeply technical and is currently working on a AngularJS implementation for a large technology company. Students rate their faculty after every module and hence your faculty has grown through a rigorous rating mechanism with 65 data points.


    We assure that you will be properly armed for a lucrative career once you finish the course successfully.
    Assist you to create a spotless and professional resume highlighting your technical skills in AngularJS
    Introduce you to mock interviews & frequently repeated interview questions
    Offer proper career guidance
    Inform on prospective employers and vacancies
    Phone-in schedule: A 30-minute phone call scheduled to clarify all your doubts
    Skype assistance: A vis-à-vis Skype session to run over your queries

  7. What Kind Of Projects Will I Be Working On As Part Of The Training?

    We provide you with the opportunity to work on real time projects wherein you can apply your knowledge and skills that you acquired through our training. We have many projects that gives oppurtunity to apply your skills and knowledge learnt through our training program and make you industry ready.


    Yes. We have multiple offers for you. For details, please call to the following nos:


    Yes, you will get the required software in downloadable format from the link we provide.


    When it comes to clearing doubts, you can choose any of these two methods:
    o Direct clarification by the faculty during the class room session.
    o Contact the trainer who will answer your queries instantly.