Who You Look For is What We Provide.

Consulting is one prominent feature that we offer to the job seekers. We have the required network in the industry with the expertise of recruiting acumen. This helps us provide a better resource for career consulting to any level. It may be for an entry level or a senior level. We operate by considering the interests, needs, requirements, catering reliable and immediate solutions to both our clients and candidates.

Codefrux, as a RPO solutions provider, work with our client’s Human Resources department to optimize the recruitment process. This is particularly due to the complexity in hiring a new employee by a company in accordance to legal and regulatory issues in India, resulting in outsourcing of the staffing process. So, it is dawned upon us to provide reliable references to our clients with their best interests at heart, by reducing their focus on staffing and their overhead on training. This allows avoiding fraudulent activities resulting in any litigation both on our candidates and the clients’ side.

In general, the process begins with briefing of the assignment, screening of the candidate, evaluation of the skill sets & behavioral interviews, eventually leading to an opportunity to work with the best in the business. And the screening process will be technically hard for clients who ask for extensive reference. Moreover, these staffing services are achieved in the time period that the client expects. We have excellent business expertise in this sector where the results are acclaimed by the potential of the strategy endorsed. We support and respect our clients choice(s) response for the purpose of staffing, where the terms of logistics are met and agreed rationally, making us more reliable and client-centric.