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iOS-Swift Workshop
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  • 8 hours of Workshop(1 day Weekend)
  • 4 hours of Workshop(2 days Weekdays)
  • Availability of highly Skilled Trainers
  • Industry Oriented Course curriculum
  • Free Wifi & Latest Study Material
  • Well equipped A/C rooms
  • Limited Batch Strength (Maximum 8)
  • Focus on hands on/practicals
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Resume Preparation Support
  • Mock Interviews & Backup Classes
  • Doubt Clarification Support after the course
  • Regular Batch ( Morning, Day & Evening)
  • Weekend Training Batch ( Saturday & Sunday)
  • Fast Track batch

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22nd & 23rd,2017


24th & 25th,2017

What We Offer

Workshop Details

This workshop provides a hands-on experience with iOS Swift programming concepts and also shows how to implement in the apps in its practical sense so that you start using it in your work. Thus enhancing your profile for better career opportunities in IT.

System Requirements For This Workshop

Macbook pro/air-
Processor: i5 or higher
Ram: 4GB ram or higher
Hardisk: 40GB or higher
Operating System: OS X or higher

Windows laptops/pcs [Virtual installation of mac OS]-
Processor: i3 or higher (Core 2 duo may work)
Ram: 4GB ram or higher
Hardisk: 40GB or higher
Operating System: Windows 7 or higher

Who Should Attend?

IT Professionals / Software Developers / QA Professionals / Team / Tech Leads / Project Managers / Decision Makers and Students who like to explore this technology.

Why should you go for this iOS-Swift workshop?

Swift is a relatively new programing language developed by Apple. After its introduction in 2014 Apple has put in a lot of effort to make it better and with the advent of Apple in India, its a good time to have some idea about the language that Apple has been focusing on. And this workshop serves that exact purpose, providing you all the basic information about iOS swift application development while providing an insight in its depths.


There is no pre-requisite. But some knowledge in java programming and development is preferable.


After the successful completion of the workshop you will be awarded with Codefrux Technologys' iOS Swift Workshop Certificate, which is recognized by many in the IT industry.

Expert Career Mentorship

Highlighting your skills in the right way can win you the right place. Our faculty will give proper guidance to you in creating a professional resume spotlighting your technical skills. They will also steer you through mock interviews and a winning career plan.

Workshop Objective


    The key objectives of iOS training program are to enable developers to:
  1. Introduction to iOS Swift
    Introduction to playground
    Variables and Constants
    Swift Datatypes
    Swift Operators
    Decision Making
    Control Flow
    Functions and Classes
    UI Components and Auto Layouts

our training process

Projects Developed by Codefrux Team

What Our Students Say


  1. Why iPhone/iOS Training?

    iPhone is evolving very fast and new releases are coming like a flash. This makes our job of providing training on iPhone challenging and interesting. The growth in the number of mobile internet users is exceeded a whopping 10,000 million users which is nearly 10 times more than that of Internet PC. As per an estimate there are around 5 billion mobile phones and the mobile industry is evaluated to be at $1,000,000,000,000 by creating lot of job opportunities. We at Codefrux Technologies, continuously review the new releases & market demands and revise our course content, examples, training materials etc.
    By the time you finish the course, you will have a good command over iPhone application development and will be able to develop iPhone app using web-services.

  2. Why should I learn iPhone from Codefrux?

    CodeFrux’s iPhone Curriculum has been developed to form the best in this realm. Reviewed and approved by iPhone experts, having international development experience, our curriculum is fashioned to be the in-depth, technical and comprehensive one giving the candidates a deep insight into iPhone Application Development for a stunning career.

  3. What kind of Lab and Project exposure do I get?

    This iPhone application training course provides you with 40 hours of lab and 25 hours of a project.
    You can either chose to work on the lab exercises on your machine as we provide installation documents

  4. Do You Have Any Specific Format For The iPhone Exams?

    You are not burdened with a final exam. Your scores will be based on the weighted average of your performance in the quizzes and lab exercises after every module and also the final project.

  5. What Kind Of Placement Assistance Can We Expect From You?

    We assure that you will be properly armed for a lucrative career once you finish the course successfully.
    Assist you to create a spotless and professional resume highlighting your technical skills in iPhone.
    Introduce you to mock interviews & the frequently repeated interview questions
    Offer proper career guidance
    Inform on prospective employers and vacancies

  6. I Have A Good Programming Background. Which Course Is Suitable For Me?

    As you have a programming background like Java, C, C++ etc, we suggest you to go for Mobile application development course iOS or Android course for better career opportunities.

  7. I Am From Database / Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing / Main Frames Background. Can You Suggest The Right Course For Me?

    Hadoop Data warehouse / Analyst course will be the best choice for you if you have the basic knowledge of SQL

  8. Do You Offer Any Sample For Me Before Enrolling To The Course?

    Of course, you can attend Demo sessions for free of cost before you join the course.

  9. Is There Any Offer / Discount That I Can Avail?

    Yes. We have multiple offers for you. For details, please call to the following nos:
    +91-80-41714862 & 63

  10. Will I Get The Necessary Software?

    Yes, you will get the required software in downloadable format from the link we provide.